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COVID-19 Alternative Options

As we all are learning to adapt to the changes the novel Coronavirus has brought, we have worked to continue to provide quality therapy to our families. While nothing can completely replace the value of face-to-face therapy we are now offering a variety of options including:

  • In Person: We are continuing to see children on an individual, as needed basis per communication with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and following the Center for Disease Control guidelines. As we provide pediatric therapies, we are considered essential. However, we are taking our own precautions to provide the safest environment for our clients, families, and therapists by limiting exposure, increasing disinfecting frequency, and implementing additional safety protocols that are being continuously communicated to our families.
  • Telehealth: This is our spin on our traditional therapy sessions for those who will be receiving therapy from home. Our therapist will provide you with a list of household items to have readily available prior to the start of your session. The session will consist of guided therapy and includes a full week sensory diet with different activities for each day.
  • Home Kits: Our home kits include a variety of activities to help work towards your child's goals including but not limited to fine motor, motor planning, self-regulation, and of course sensory integration. These will be individualized based on each child and their goals. The kits will include a weekly schedule, materials needed for the activities, and a telehealth component in order to guide the activities.

Please email to request more information or to sign up!


Sensory Zone is a state-of-the-art pediatric sensory gym in Bucks County with two convenient locations in Newtown and Warrington, Pennsylvania. Our experienced Sensory Zone therapists utilize a play-based approach in a fun and goal-driven environment to assist children in developing necessary skills in areas including: sensory processing, gross & fine motor skills, visual motor skills, social awareness, executive functioning, life skills, and communication.

Our team views each child as an individual, which leads to therapies designed purposefully for your child. In order to further facilitate your child’s overall improvement and success, sessions are offered in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.
 We provide a comforting space that embraces individuality and contributes to self esteem building and increased confidence in children through the art of play.

Our therapists use their knowledge to stimulate your child through the use of specialized play equipment. This equipment includes: rock climbing walls, a foam pit, multiple swings, monkey bars, zip lines, tunnels, slides, trapeze bars, ladders, a cargo net and much more. Sensory Zone also offers numerous nooks and crannies to explore, designated fine motor areas where your child can learn increasingly more complex tasks, and a full kitchen area for multi-sensory stimulation and other life skills opportunities for learning.

Why Choose Sensory Zone


Our facility provides children with the opportunity to engage in several types of vestibular input, through our various swings and other suspendable, therapeutic equipment.


We can facilitate the development of your child’s balance, posture, body awareness, and strength by having them crawl, jump, and climb in our giant foam pit.


Not only is rock wall climbing great for working on upper body strengthening, praxis, and motor planning, but also will provide calming, proprioceptive input through your child’s muscles and joints, all while having fun at the same time!

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