Benefits of Sensory Play

At Sensory Zone, we believe that sensory play is the foundation of a child’s development. Engaging activities that stimulate the senses help children learn and discover the world they live in.
Sensory play also helps children develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Whether it’s walking barefoot through the grass, jumping into the foam pit, or playing with silly putty, play that integrates sensory stimulation is the key to unlocking a child’s potential.
Sensory Play that your child will experience at the Sensory Zone includes:
  • Climbing our rock wall
  • Jumping into the our gigantic foam pit
  • Playing in our sandbox
  • Cooking in our kitchen designed for children
  • Swinging on our indoor swings
  • Playing on our jungle gym
  • Foam skating
  • Zip-lining across the room into the foam pit
  • Playing with our Lazar light shows

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