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Sensory Zone of Newtown

About Us

The Sensory Zone was founded by Jessica Wong. It is the culmination of her personal journey with her beautiful son, Sam. Being on the path as a mother of a child with autism led Jessica to become inspired to provide the kind of therapy she felt was most beneficial for Sam. This personal, trying journey led Jessica to pursue a career in occupational therapy herself.


Jessica’s Story

As a mother of a child diagnosed with autism, I understand the need and importance for high quality personalized therapy. I was fortunate enough to connect with a group of amazing therapists who changed mine and Sam’s life for the better. However, the therapy was limited to being conducted in our home. While my son made tremendous strides, it was difficult to assist him in implementing his newly acquired skills in social settings, both within the community and at school. I always felt that Sam would have benefited from a stepping-stone to help him progressively move into a community setting. I quickly learned to look past the judgmental stares and comments, and to focus on helping my son implement his new skills in the presence of other people.

I always wanted to help other families who were experiencing similar situations. The Sensory Zone is the stepping-stone facility I had envisioned for my son: a no-judgment zone where children can learn new skills and implement them socially with typical and non typical peers. Personally, my son always felt more comfortable interacting with his peers if he was engaged in fun, meaningful sensory activities. The same boy that would “shut down” during an overstimulating circle time at school was at ease climbing a rock wall with his peers.

Sensory Zone provides an opportunity to assist in putting children at ease so they can interact with their peers. Typical children benefit from sensory play just as much as atypical children and both can positively impact the lives of so many others within our community. My typically developing daughter, Avery, has also benefited from all of the therapeutic interaction. The same sensory play that has been so beneficial for my son has also enabled my daughter to excel in all aspects of her life. Being the sister of someone with autism has taught her tremendous life lessons, and has enabled her to be a caring friend, student, daughter, and helpful member of our community.

If it’s not good enough for my child then it’s not good enough for Sensory Zone.

Sensory Zone is a complete therapeutic facility. We understand the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary approach. Our instructional model incorporates real life applications of the skills taught in sessions through athletics, community outings, and scholastic interaction. In addition to individualized on-site therapy, we offer in-home treatment, as well as group sessions in order to reduce costs for families while strengthening your child’s social integration.

Sensory Zone of Newtown is filling the need for group therapy options while making it affordable for all families.


Sensory Zone Mission

Sensory Zone’s mission is to provide an interdisciplinary sensory approach that will positively impact your child’s development, everyday life skills, and implementation of social skills. Our goal is to assist each child in achieving maximum independence in a nurturing atmosphere focusing on the whole child. We welcome each child’s uniqueness while seeking to enhance the child’s overall well-being.

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