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Sensory Zone Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are trained to improve an individual’s abilities and performance in everyday life activities. A pediatric occupational therapist works with the child and the child’s family to improve a child’s ability to learn, play, communicate and/or perform self-care skills such as getting dressed and feeding oneself. An occupational therapist evaluates the child’s fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, sensory processing, social abilities and self-care care skills, as well as muscle tone, motor planning, range of motion functional communication and social adaptation. The occupational therapist will recommend treatment and will use his or her knowledge and experience in sensory integration, anatomy, neurology, kinesiology, child development, medical diagnosis and current research to improve the child’s occupational performance.

Although occupational therapy may look like play, particularly with young children, the skills that children develop through occupational therapy are necessary to become functional and independent adults.  Activities are carefully selected for each child, addressing areas such as muscle strengthening and range of motion of the hands and body, bilateral coordination (using two hands together), motor planning, visual perception skills, visual motor skills, and sensory processing.  Tasks may also be directly practiced, often with adaptations or modifications in order to help best support the child.  Child-centered treatment sessions allow for achieving success and independence in daily functioning while boosting self-confidence.

Children with difficulties processing sensory and motor information often do not perform at their optimal level. They may present with “bad behaviors” that are actually the child’s way of compensating for and coping with sensory and motor processing demands. Our skilled occupational therapists will help children to bridge gaps in development and gain the essential skills needed to succeed in their daily “occupations”.

These occupations include carrying out daily routines, playing with friends, playing, and participating in school and family life.

We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the following skills:

  • Sensory integration
  • Self regulation/Coping
  • Fine motor
  • Gross motor
  • Visual perception
  • Visual motor
  • Handwriting
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Motor planning
  • Strengthening
  • Self help skills
  • Social Skills
  • And much more

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