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Sensory Zone Open Senory Gym

As of January of 2017, Sensory Zone open sensory gym will be scheduled via phone only.  Please give us a call to schedule. Thank you.

Our open sensory gym is an opportunity for children of all abilities to play and learn in a safe, family-friendly environment. Children who have difficulty with sensory integration are not the only ones that benefit from sensory rich experiences. ALL  children, no matter how developmentally advanced, can benefit from sensory play! Our open sessions allow your child to navigate, explore, and discover new sensory-motor experiences at their own pace. While playing, your child will experience various ways to obtain sensory input, gain important motor planning skills, improve physical development through various gross and fine motor activities, and strengthen their social skills.

Through sensory play, children discover their world and learn how to be successful in it. 
Our sensory pathways provide our brains with information to let our body know what is going on in the world around us. Various play experiences from our sensory-rich open gym will assist children in integrating and developing their senses. The more they play and explore, the more they develop skills necessary to engage, change, and impact the world around them.
 Because each child is unique and responds to sensory input in different ways, Sensory Zone considers the individualistic needs of each child that comes to play.  A child with ADHD may have a hard time getting registering sensory input (under responsive). So they may tend seek out a certain type of input more than other children. Another child, diagnosed with autism for example, may register some types of sensory input too intensely (over responsive), causing the child to avoid the input because of their unpleasant experience.

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