Potty Training

Sensory Zone Potty Training

Learning how to use the bathroom is one of the most challenging and significant milestones in early childhood. Toileting is an important skill for daily life. Occupational therapists can help families establish and implement toileting strategies to best support each child. This includes identifying signs of readiness, setting up a successful routine for potty time, and assessing and addressing underlying challenges that may inhibit independence with toileting.


We are here to help ease the transition!


First, you will complete our potty training intake paperwork to help us best support your child in the potty training process.


Next, we will schedule an initial consultation with you and your child. This may include and is not limited to clinical observations, standardized testing, and an overview of sensory processing.


Then, we will develop and implement a plan.


Finally, you and your child will complete the potty training process with support from our team!


Ongoing consultation is provided throughout this process!

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