Sleep Consulting / Training

Sensory Zone Sleep Consulting / Training

No matter if you need support with your infant or toddler, during naps or night sleep, we are here to help! Most often, in-home support is not required to achieve a restful sleep during naps and overnight.


Restful and adequate sleep provides the foundation for optimal occupational performance, participation, and engagement in daily life, a concept that is historically consistent with the development of occupational therapy. The impact of sleep on function and participation is incorporated into the repertoire of occupational therapy practitioners and addressed across the lifespan (American Occupational Therapy Association, 2014). 


Our therapists can help address the child holistically including behaviors surrounding sleep, a child day-to-day life, nap or bedtime routine, as well as environmental factors.


First, an evaluation of day and nighttime sleep along with completing intake paperwork is done.


Next, an appropriate plan specific to your child’s needs is developed and carefully implemented.


Then, consultations are provided on an as needed basis to help support carry over.


Finally, a restful sleeping baby, toddler, child, and parents!

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